Facility Booking

A range of facilities are available for booking at the Athletics Whangarei stadium. These include the track, stadium, downstairs kitchen and lounge and the upstairs conference area - ideal for sports day, corporate functions, meetings  and get-togethers.

Track Access

Contact info@athleticswhangarei.co.nz

Below are the prices for after hours track access.  Non club members may use the track and field facility.  Please check the calendar as the filed and track can be booked by other parties.

Prices are per person and are not transferable

3 Months


12 Months


Full club Member 12 Months


Access by Card   (Non refundable)


Access by Tag   (Non refundable)


Smart Phone

No extra Charge


Complete the Booking Application Form

Cancellation Fee

In the event of an organisation cancelling a booking it will have to pay a cancellation fee (20% of charges invoiced).


For major championship lasting two days or more, a non-refundable deposit (20% of charges invoiced) will be required.