Facility Booking

A range of facilities are available for booking at Whangarei Athletics Club. These include the track, stadium, kitchens and a conference area - ideal for sports days and get-togethers!

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Find a date and time for your booking that does not clash with other events.

Track Pricing

Primary Schools

$120 per day for 100 pupils or less

+ $2.50 per child thereafter

Secondary Schools

$180 per day for 100 pupils or less

+ $2.50 per child therafter

Athletics NZ Affiliated clubs

$31.70 per hour

Business Groups and Sports Clubs / Associations

$50.75 per hour

Organizations for Athletes with Disabilities


Equipment - $170

Price will vary depending on needs

Indoor Pricing

Announcers Room - $130

Includes full speaker communication with the track area and within the building

Photo Finish / Electronic Timing - $130

Temporarily unavailable

Downstairs Changing Rooms - $130

Including male and female changing rooms, showers and toilets

Upstairs Lounge and Adjoining Kitchen - $50 per hour

Cancellation Fee

In the event of an organization cancelling a booking it will have to pay a cancellation fee (20% of charges invoiced).


For major championship lasting two days or more, a non-refundable deposit (20% of charges invoiced) will be required.

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