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Acting President:               Brian Barach

Facilities:                           Nigel Stewart

Bookings & Secretary:       Gill Michel

Registrations:                     Morris Gray

Senior Track & Field:        Judith Stewart

Junior Track & Field:        Kirstin Dickens

Harriers:                            Oringa Barach

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Athletics Whangarei

Park Avenue, Kensington, Whangarei 0112
PO Box 680, Whangarei

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Brian Barach

Acting President

Due to Murray Ruffell resigning part way through the year Brian has stepped in to fill the role.


Gill Michel


A keen runner and triathlete.  Gill has worked very hard for the club over the years and is a life member.


Lucy Andrews


Joined the club and the committee in 2017. Took on the role of club development coordinator in 2019. Loves running any distance from 60m to 10 000m. Also a keen Hammer thrower.


Oringa Barach

A life member whose been in the club since 1993. She has had long stints on the committee as club president, club secretary, club captain & Harrier organiser. She loves arranging events such as the 3 Pigs, participating in club activities & socialising with the members. We don't know what we'd do without her!


Morris Gray (Magic)

Registrations Officer

Morris is a life member of the club and is the one to ask if you have membership questions.  He loves participating in harriers and loves half marathons.

Kirstin Dickens

Chair of Junior Athletics. Kirstin has recently taken on the role of Junior athletics organiser.  She has a group of helpers and runs a fun evening every Monday afternoon.


Judith Stewart

Masters Representative & Senior Athletics Co-ordinator

Judith has been a clubmember since 2016. She has competed in many different aspects of athletics but the middle distance events are her specialty. At the World Masters Athletics Champs, she achieved gold in the 10,000m track and did a world record for the 3 km steeplechase many years ago.


Nigel Stewart

Athletics Northland Representative

Nigel is the Athletics Whangarei representative on the Athletics Northland Committee.  He also does a huge amount of work for the club.  You will find him helping out at most events and club nights.


Ian Babe


First joined the club committee in 1956. Has been President several times.

Main interest areas in Athletics are governance, competition & coaching.

He has coached club members from entry level to National class and to international levels in a variety of disciplines & is still mentoring & coaching. He has been and continues to be fully in the club at an advisory level.